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Başlık: Falcon BMS Ege Senaryosu v2.4 (Aegean theater v2.4) - [4.33]
Gönderen: 113-Ghost - Mart 02, 2019, 12:22:22 ÖS
Ege Senaryosu v2.4 ( Aegean theater v2.4 )
Yapımcı : Neystratiou & Eghi -- Yayın Tarihi : 19/2/2019 -- Resmi Sitesi
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Kod: [Seç] 

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Falcon BMS için Harita

4.33 Uyumlu Ege senaryasonun en güncel halidir. geçmişte BMS 4.32  için 1.5 ve 1.6 versiyonları yapılmıştır. 19. Şubatta güncellenmiştir. Güncellemeler  için sayfa başındaki ana siteyi takip ediniz. İçerisinde 2 adet campaign bulunduğu belirtilmiş.

Eski versiyonlarına ait konu linkleri:


Yeni versiyondaki değişiklikler:

1) Added the USAF F-16C Block 50.
2) Selection of a Navy aircraft to take off from an aircraft carrier lead loading screen to freeze, fixed.
3) At Dogfight mode now all the teams are at a hostile state each other.
4) At OOB country's name seemed as "null", fixed with help of "luke777" and "Obi1".
5) Cyprus flag was inverted, fixed.
6) Activated the chute of HAF F-16C block 30, HAF/TuAF F-16C/D block 50 and HAF F-16D block 52+.
7) At HAF F-16C block 50 and 52+ with CFT the texture of chute replaced by the "JanHas" one.
8 ) TuAF F-16 block 50 of 141 Filo changed from D to C model.
9) Added some new villages, intersections and links at Crete island. Suggested by "Duke748" and "hoover" for better ground moves.
10) At "Blue Sword" campaign, replaced Usak city with Kuyucak city for victory conditions. Also added a squadron of TuAF F-16C block 50 141 Filo at Cardak airport.
11) F-35B FM and AFM models updated.
12) Su-34 now is using its own FM.
13) Added the small island Thasopoula north of Thasos island.
14) Updated the RWY/airport elevation in order to match real world for airports Afyon, Bezmer, Bodrum, Canakkale, Elefsis, Graf Ignatievo, Kalamata and Skopje Intl.
15) Added 2 navigation charts for Megas Alexandros airport.
16) Name of airport and TACAN station Akinci updated to Murted. Name of TACAN station Chrisoupolis updated to Kavala.
17) Minor correction to skin at tail of TuAF F-16C block 50 of 151/152/191 Filo by "dema".
18 ) F/A-18C and D got back the U.S. Navy skins from Finnish ones.
19) Some corrections into DataBase.
20) At GUI map, on Recon screen missing the buttons "CLEAR" and "CLEAR ALL", fixed.
21) Some corrections to the skins of the F-104G by "dema".
22) Updated with the proper texture the engine nozzle of HAF F-16 block 50 341 & 347 Mira, and HAF F-16 block 52+ 336 Mira and SMET aircrafts.
Başlık: Ynt: Falcon BMS Ege Senaryosu v2.4 (Aegean theater v2.4) - [4.33]
Gönderen: Alpino - Mart 02, 2019, 12:26:56 ÖS
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Başlık: Ynt: Falcon BMS Ege Senaryosu v2.4 (Aegean theater v2.4) - [4.33]
Gönderen: 113-Anka - Mart 04, 2019, 12:03:49 ÖÖ
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